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There are many places you can get a credit report and score, but only ours can show you how to save. Along with your credit report, we include RateMatch®, a powerful loan analysis that shows you where you can save on your loans every month!


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Your Online Credit Report, Securely in Seconds

You get unlimited access to your credit report and credit score for 60 days and email alerts when your credit report changes. Better yet, we put your credit report to work for you by showing you how to save every month with RateMatch®!

A Ratematch® Report Helps You Save

Your credit report alone can’t tell you if you can lower your payments and save. We provide a RateMatch® Report that compares your credit report to current rates -- telling you when it’s the right time to refinance! Click Here to see current rates in your area.

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What will you do with just a credit report? Get one that helps you save money every month!

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"Payment Patrol is a great service and I highly recommend it to my friends."

Brenda Jo P.

Louisville, Kentucky

"My credit report is finally working for me! Not the other way around!"

Richard H.

Portland, Oregon